Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mi Casa de Pollo

My oak leaf hydrangea was a Mother's Day gift a couple of years back from my son & daughter-in-law. Peter & Gloria's choice was most excellent, a gift that keeps on giving! Love it!
The chicken house is in place & the girls seem very happy in their new home. It's tucked into the corner of my garden, fits right in & I can see the girls moving about in the run while I'm standing at my kitchen sink. Love that!

We shortened up this side of the run, taking out part of the A-frame because of the plantings already in place. The path & pavers still need to be situated a bit better but for now, it all works.

The little girls, Bubbles and Buttercup are a bit camera shy. Bubbles has turned out to be a pretty good layer. I still feel a bit like a kid on Easter morning ever time I find an egg. Love'n being the chicken lady!

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livingglassgirl said...

What a lovely hydrangea! Your hens look like they have a wonderful shady spot to hang out and be comfortable in.