Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chicks in the City

This was taken on Saturday and is our first egg!
Here are my new girls. They've been here almost a week now and I'm having so much fun watching there goings on and listening to their sounds. So far we've gotten 3 eggs, all from Lucy, the biggest hen. She's an Athen's Rare Breed. I actually witnessed one of the eggs as it was being laid and that was pretty cool! The coop is in place but still needs a bit more work and I'll be posting pictures as soon as it's complete. The other two ladies are Bubbles, a Lakenvelder and Buttercup, her name and breed. (Newsflash!!! Soon after I wrote this one of the smaller girls laid their 1st egg, didn't want to be outdone, I guess.)
Lucy has been my layer. She's a sweet girl who is easy to hold, fun to watch and can really kick up the dirt. They've had a hay day scratching around where my compost bin used to be!

Bubbles is a Lakenvelder and boy does she make a racket when you pick her up. Missing some feathers but hoping she'll start filling in soon.

Buttercup. See her comb? It's a cupshaped crown with a complete circle of medium sized regular points. Not too crazy about being picked up (yet) but a very pretty bird!


StunningAnnaK said...

How cool are they!
It's neat that even chickens have their own personalities!

Michelle said...

chickens really, really scare me...

maryhanks said...

Yea, they each are so different, full of personality. My mother-in-law is afraid of them too but has a coop FULL of roosters! She doesn't go in there, enjoys them through the chicken wire.