Thursday, October 15, 2009

Orchid Happiness

A couple of years ago I asked for an orchid rather than cut flowers for Mother's Day. After the blooms faded the plant stayed healthy but didn't bloom again until I repotted it with new orchid soil from MiracleGro. Since then I have divided and will divide again after this bloom event.
There are three branches of blooms, one large branch with now nine open flowers, the smaller ones with just a couple but I'm not complaining!

This is one of those plants that I thought I'd never be able to grow as I consider myself mainly an outside gardener.
This is just a bit of sunshine and happiness on an otherwise dreary day. Think about asking for this or GIVING this next time a flower giving occasion rolls around!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Quilt for Baby Zoie

I had to make a bib too! The front brown dotted fabric is a pocket...inside that is a detatchable keeper for a pacifier or small teether or toy.

This was fun! All my favorite colors, patterns and prints coming together for a special quilt. I wanted something that she would be able to use as she grew, not the typical nursery fabrics. A lot of the fabrics I used were purchased from Karen at another etsy shop, . Quality fabrics that were terrific to work with. A special thanks to my friend Kim Chambers who did the monogramming.

She's not here yet but it won't be long....Nov. 13th. Heidi and Chris, my oldest son will become parents to their first girl. She will join three older brothers!