Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gretchen...aka Bubbles

Bubbles has a new name and shall now be known as Gretchen! She's a Lakenvelder, a German breed and I really wanted a name to suit her heritage. Crazy, I know.
They are enjoying a spell of free range time in the flower garden and where the compost pile used to be. Finding fat, juicy worms is delightful. Crazy, I know!

Me and Lucy, my big girl.
Jonathan and Buttercup. (See her cup shaped comb?) We celebrated his birthday last week with a trip to Orlando. He knew we were going on the trip but didn't know that we were flying, his 1st trip on a plane! We surprised him the morning we left and got the biggest kick out of his reaction to it all. Fun for him AND for us! Hollywood Studios was the fav and we could've done both days there. Disney was good too and glad we did it but going back to a park again, Hollywood Studios will be the place, for sure.
Can't believe Jonathan is 10! Crazy, I know!

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