Sunday, December 21, 2008

Congratulations Peter!

What a year this has been!!! This time a year ago...Sara newly engaged, us all anticipating Peter & Gloria's wedding, just after Christmas. We now have 2 weddings & 2 graduations behind us.

Friday was graduation for my designer son, Peter! His oh-so-sweet-and lovely bride Gloria whisked him away for a much needed vacation and time away, visiting family in New Orleans. I just have to say how incredibly proud I am!!! The Creative Circus has been an awesome training ground for both Peter & his little sis, Sara, launching them each into a promising future. . Each has inspired the other, brought out the best in each other and closer together than ever before. I love you guys!!! You make me proud.

Here's a sampling of their work: Sara and Peter.

Thanks Casey for the photography (that's a bit of my kitchen). See more here!

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