Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Singer Spills Its Guts

There was a lots of sewing that I'd started and was ready to complete. Tuesday was going to be a super day of finishing up projects and beginning to list brand new things in my ETSY shop. Suddenly the motor locked up in this sound that I hate and it's usually a zipper foot is on and I forget and try to zig-zag or perhaps I accidentally hit a straight pin with the needle. Not this time. Cleaning didn't help although it was overdue. Slowly I began to disassemble, hoping I could fix it myself. WRONG! Called to see what an inspection, repair, etc. would run. Um, no thanks! So the fixer of all broke things, the computer guy, my husband, to the rescue!
He spent the rest of the evening gutting, cleaning, oiling (very important, by the way, trust me on that!), putting back together the part he'd taken apart. I worked the next day on reassembling what I had taken apart with only one little mystery piece. I'm sure that the right screws are not in the right place and the bobbin winder isn't exactly right but it sews! And without strain now that it's had a nice little dose of oil and a good clean'n!

This blanket, above, and burp cloth set, below, were already made before the sudden failure of said SINGER and I was able to take pictures and write new listings today. The most NEW listings in one day since, I can't remember when. Here's to getting back to business --- now go clean YOUR machine!

Also new today, Pink Stripe Flannel Crib Sheet, Diaper Clutch, Sky Miles Bib and Burp Set.


sara giessen said...

yay for husbands! the shots look great, mom! i checked out the etsy site and i think the grey flannel is a really nice neutral background for all the pretty pinks and creams and blues and browns to pop off of.

eeniemoni said...

What a wonderful color combo you've got here. I'm adding you to my favorites.
thanks for dropping by my blog