Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is Vacation? or The New Kitchen Tile!

Jonathan is back in school but Scott has taken this week as "vacation" to work on installing new tile in our kitchen. The renovation is great fun when you're a kid! We used lots of 3 day weekends to tackle projects around the house when I was growing up. What will Jonathan's memories be of these work days? He LOVED getting right in there, helping pull up the particle board as the project got started.
This was earlier today, (above) middle of Day 5, more tile is down by now but Scott is taking his time to get it right! Look at those straight lines!!! It's one of those rooms that was difficult to decide on what to make as the starting point (usually the center) because of the shape and flow of it all and I had to go make it even crazier by asking for the tiles to be on the diagonal. The vinyl square tiles (see last picture) looked okay 7 years ago when we 1st installed them but didn't hold up to having appliances moved. Although we had some extras for repairs the color had changed, they didn't stay stuck so out they went along with the particle board.

Here we are soooooooo tired but mudding the spaces between the wonderboard underlayment. What teamwork!

I found that a kitchen spatula worked best for me, like icing a cake only no licking this stuff!

This last picture is the before; the vinyl square tiles.
The old dishwasher is now G O N E, GONE. Today is our day to take it all to the curb and as we suspected, it was picked up before the trash company made their rounds tomorrow. I'm very happy to see it being recycled!!! Now, what dishwasher to get as a replacement....anyone have one you lover? or hate?


Becki van der Walt said...

How awesome! I heard that the best dishwashers are stainless steel on the inside. I have a cheap GE model that game with our house. It does ok, but I have dreams of one day having a nice one.

sara hanks giessen said...

looking good! i'm so proud! can't wait to see it.

eric said...

Kenmore! Good quality machine and they make it so easy to get new parts when they are needed.

Hill said...

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We love your work! What a great corner of the internet :)

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