Monday, July 13, 2009

Pickled Green Tomatoes & Peach Preserves

My favorite helper & favorite hen; Jonathan & Lucy!

A new batch of peach preserves.

Trying new recipes is always fun but today's new kitchen adventure was special, pickling for the first time since I was a kid with 10 year old son. The tomatoes came from my garden, the recipe from the latest issue of my Food Network magazine, Aug/Sept 2009. Iron Chef Michael Symon used regular tomatoes but most of mine are roma & heirloom yellow pear so we'll see if these also work. Jonathan was my sous chef, helping with almost every phase; the picking, washing, slicing and all the measuring. He was exempt for the sterilizing and handling of hot jars. Now is the hard part....waiting until they are at their prime in about 3 months!
Pickled Green Tomatoes Recipe from Michael Symon.

More of my favorite recipes can be found at on the Food for Thought page.

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