Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh Bother! April Freeze in Georgia

Calendar says "spring" but thermometer screams winter. Drop cloths, old sheets & table cloths, up-turned emptied storage bins & trash cans, even a rain slicker surrounds a near blooming rose. What lengths will I go to to protect the tender vegetation! Peonies have buds waiting to burst. Same with roses & azaleas. Hydrangeas have their leaves and are subject to damage if not protected. Lots and lots of hostas up and unfurled.
Cherry tree has already bloomed but Mr. C doesn't seem to mind.

The 2007 Easter freeze reeked havoc on all of the above so I'm not about to let it happen again!!! This too shall pass and the temps should rise during the day tomorrow. Yee-haw!!! My sweet hubby has made me boxes for raised bed vegetable gardening. Two are in place and half filled with some black gold from my compost pile. The back of my workhorse Suburban is filled with bags of soil conditioner, garden soil (the good stuff!) ready to worked in ASAP!

My kitchen has become my make-shift greenhouse with starter peat pots of vegetables getting a head start with some shop lights. Scott set up the video camera & got a bit of
time lapse photography of their growth!

More garden pics from seasons past at maryhanks.com - "Welcome to My Garden".