Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Treasury Madness!

Type O!

buckcountryframes couragemylove 19Moons

photolena SuzanneClements FuzzyMemories

porkchopshow littlebrownsparrow alexandraleah

galleryoncentral FriendlyMade Allstrungoutjewelry

Photographs of typewriters, an actual typewriter or cool jewelry made of old pieces.


Aspasia said...

Love these! Thanks for sharing...

Karen said...

Love,love,love your blogs! I marked the cooking site and will be back often! Great job!


maryhanks said...

Thanks! I get obsessed with finding great recipes & can't wait to check out yours too!

Rosebud Collection said...

Fun seeing some of the typewriters again..I still have a couple myself..

maryhanks said...

They are so full of character! No pun intended!