Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jonathan's Art & a Wacky Hair Day!

Jonathan's the youngest artist in the family & will be displaying this piece in the school art show next week. This is a done with cut and torn paper. Looks nice and warm and tropical!!! I'm ready!!!
This is the Relay for Life Spirit Week at school. The students and teachers can participate in the day's theme with a $1 donation. Today was Wacky Hair Day, one of Jonathan's favorites! It's a good thing that tomorrow is Hat Day!!! Cesar is glad he didn't get sprayed blue too. (Although, that's a thought ... Blue's Clue...)

This is his 1st grade entry from a couple of years ago. The Blue Peanut.

Let's hear it for the art & music teachers out there!!! (*applause*)

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Dharma Designs said...

I LOVE the blue hair!!! Wish I was that brave! :-)