Friday, January 25, 2008

Team Work in Action

It's been a fun week working with Rhonda & Kim again on a school mural. Monarch is a school offering special education services, special needs pre-K, ADAPT, and early childhood programs in Gwinnett County. Transportation was the theme that totally changed this media center in just one week!

Once we had an OK from the higher-ups, the off-white walls were base coated a sky blue with a green by Rhonda's husband Ron. Rhonda roughed in the basic areas; mountains and the area for the train, lake, farm, barn, large tree. Kim & I joined Rhonda Tuesday-Friday, adding more detail and helping Rhonda in developing the project.

While we've worked together for some time on all sorts of fun & interesting projects over the years, I am still amazed at how great the final project comes together in a relatively small amount of time. Rhonda & Kim are able to do amazing things with a pile of brushes, acrylics paints!!! I'm able to fill in background, some mountains, add some fence posts, fill in foliage, highlights here & biggest contribution on this one was the hot air balloons.

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